Monday, October 8, 2012

Thankful: the non-ironic vrsion

Ok, so I wasn't going to to this but I guess I've been bitten by the holiday-spirit bug...

I'm thankful for having a little boy who loves music, art, food and yoga, as well as construction, tractors, bulldozers and excavators. This morning he woke up and shouted MOM! COME DO YOGA WITH ME!!

I'm thankful for "living in paradise" and my grandma puts it. Because I grew up here I take it for granted sometimes.

I'm thankful for having all 4 of my grandparents still.

I'm thankful for having a vehicle to use after my other one decided to be broken.

I'm thankful for social media websites because it's really the only way I feel like I keep in touch with anyone.

I'm thankful for pay-at-the pump gas stations. I'm convinced they were invented for single moms with sleeping babies.

I'm thankful for Value Village.

I'm thankful for sunshine.

I'm thankful to be living in Canada.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Well, Happy Thanksgiving!
Our family was never one to sit around the dinner table and address what we're thankful for on Thanksgiving.  I've been to people's houses where they do that and I'm always at a loss for what to say.
I'm thankful for.................friends? Ice cream?? Anything I thought of sounded cliche and shallow.
So over the last few weeks I've been thinking of things to be thankful for that maybe we don't always consider...... kind of like the Positive Party posts I used to make... but get it...

Be thankful for the guy driving eeeeeeeeexxxxxactlyyyyyyy the speed limit in front of you. They stopped you from getting a ticket from the police car waiting on the other side of the hill.

Be thankful for rainy days. There are only so many days in the year that pajamas, crafts, baking and movies are 100% appropriate.

Be thankful for nursing babies (and toddlers). They remind us that sometimes we need to just...sit.

Be thankful for the people who criticize you. Sometimes we need a wake-up call.

Be thankful for power outages. They get you know.. talk to people. Like in person.

Be thankful for breakups. Opportunities can be seized that otherwise would not have come along.

Happy Turkey everyone!
Find some ironic things to be thankful them in the comments if you like!