Friday, November 11, 2011

New Snow

I wouldn't label myself as a 'Snow Person.'
I don't hate it enough to move to another country, but I also don't like being cold and wading through muddy slush in February.
I like a white Christmas, but after that I don't care for it much.
Although the last few years I've been forced to have a positive outlook on the winter weather so that Toby doesn't develop a pre-conceived notion that snow sucks.

And so this morning Toby's first reaction to seeing a white blanket on our grass was: "We can get our SNOW SHOVELS OUT!!"
You can't help but smile and get caught up int he enthusiasm.
He still in opposed to him snow pants, although by the end of last winter he was a pro star at letting me put them on. Today we wore slush pants and winter boots. Not looking forward to the snowpant battle, but it will be fine eventually.
We hurried outside and found the shovels and he immediately started flinging snow in every direction. 

Winter: The time of year when the whole world becomes a garden. Dig it up as you please.

 He kept running around like this with his eyes closed because the snow kept hitting him the eyes.

 And since you only get a few good days of packing snow before it gets too cold, we built a snow man.

It felt like Christmas today. I was all giddy and excited and wanted to just bake and wrap presents and drink hot chocolate. Then I realized that I should save some of that enthusiasm up for the long months ahead.
Good luck surviving the winter everyone!

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  1. (S) NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (W)!!! I can't believe how fast this year has zoomed by! It's already almost winter (summer here) and I'm going to have to come back to the cold and dark and the short days. Can't I just stay on the beach, please?