Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of 'School'

 First Day of School

7:30 am - Wake up... barely

7:50 am - Get actually woken up by Toby crawling in to bed beside me

8:00 am - Grumbly stomach forces me out of bed

8:30 am - Do dishes and wonder if I'm ever going to make the zucchini relish I've been saying I was going to make for two weeks.

8:35 am - Find lost Lego piece upon request

8:40 am - Resume dishes

8:45 am - Take apart stuck Lego pieces upon request

9:00 am - Get roped in to building Lego

9:20 am - Receive text message asking if we are free to play at the last minute.
(Yes, anything but more cleaning!)

9:35 am - Bake banana muffins

10:30 am - Leave home

11:00 am - Learn about electrical circuits 

11:15 am - Discover that reading upside down is WAY better than reading sitting up

11:20 am - Finally get the circuit to work properly

11:30 am - Disappear and play make-believe games

12:05 pm - Look for the moon through the clouds... or possibly just spy on the construction equipment driving up and down the road

12:30 pm - Remember that it's lunch-ish time.
Spend an hour eating sweet potato soup, jambalaya, watermelon, and banana muffins

1:30 pm - Go outside at kid's request (and now that it's done raining)
Kids disappear and play games in the tree fort and on the swings

2:15 pm - We're presented with a garden harvest

2:30 pm - More harvest shows up at the table

2:35 pm - Break open some beans and determine that they are too far-gone to eat, but not ripe enough to harvest the seeds yet.

2:55 pm  - Find a dead mosquito on the table and study it up close.

3:00 pm - Go inside because it's now wet and cold. Have another snack of muffins.

3:15 pm - Kids disappear to 'rehearse for a play'

3:30 pm - Watch performance of 'play'

3:53 pm - Realize what time it is and remember that dinner is a thing that needs to be made at home.

4:15 pm - Actually leave

Home - make dinner and cut up zucchini to maybe get the relish done tomorrow...

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