Saturday, June 25, 2016

'Smart' Phone

About a week ago I gave in to something I've been steadfastly holding out on for years.

I got a smart phone.

Up until now my phone had the ability  to ring, to text, and to take crappy photos. I had no internet access or games or fancy reverse camera.
I held out so long because I knew  that as a computer/Facebook addict, I would become attached. I didn't want to be that person who was always glued to my phone.
I liked only charging my phone once a week.
I liked not paying out my nose for usage.


The last year I have found it difficult to maintain social media accounts for work and find out simple things like a store's hours when on the move (first world problems, I know, I know).
So I finally broke down. I did my research. I picked a plan. I bit the bullet. I got a new phone.

The first evening with my phone was spent setting up account access and downloading 'essential' apps (hello, instagram!).
So far so good, the only reason I'm spending so much time on it is because of set up...

Day two: I went to work, uploaded to instagram, turned off data, logged into Facebook on the computer, checked my phone for texts, went back to the computer, attempted to get my phone to connect to the WiFi at work, failed, went back to the computer, turned data on again to see how my phone would receive updates, ate lunch, etc.
Got home and downloaded the game 2048. Lost half an hour of time.

Day three: Got up. Checked phone. Sifted through email alerts. Instagramed Toby playing with Lego. Scrolled through Facebook. Lost track of time. Plugged in phone out of reach. Attempted to carry on with day. Mildly successful.

Day four: Resisted posting anything to instagram all day so I didn't become one of 'those' people. Caved and posted a picture of my dinner. Later downloaded the game 4 pics 1 word. Lost half an hour of time.

Day five: Now can't leave to do anything without phone in my hand. Forced to charge very dead battery, but continue to check for updates while it's plugged in. Play 2048. Remember I'm supposed to be doing dishes. Take half charged phone outside instead and take photos of cats.

It's now been about 10 days since my purchase and though I don't regret the change over, my reservations have been confirmed: I'm an addict.
I look up things one at random moments just because I CAN.
I have to very consciously hold back from instagraming literally everything.
I have to set time limits for games because I will forget to sleep.
I am currently writing this blog on my phone because I can lie in bed while doing so.
I have to really fight myself to not be glued to it when I'm with Toby, o r to not leap up and find it with every little ping and buzz that happens.

I realize that the term 'Smart Phone' is referring to how 'clever' your little hand held device is, but are they really making US smarter?
Sure, we sound smart because we have Google at our fingertips, but I think that being reliant on a little flashing and beeping metal box just to get through our days doesn't bode well for actual 'smarts'.

Now if you'll excuse me, I just received a facebook alert from a page I  never really check, but i'm going to check it anyway (because I CAN) and then I need to spend the next 25 minutes scrolling aimlessly through nothingness...

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