Thursday, February 24, 2011

Positive Party #3

Ok.... It's time...... *takes deep breath*....

Why Winter Is Awesome

- Snowmen

- Snow forts

- Stores smell like cinnamon. In the summer they smell like dusty air conditioning and B.O.

- Curling up in front of a fire place or a movie with a large glass of wine is somehow not the same in the summer.

- Irish Coffee and any other chocolaty hot-toddy type thing is only truly appreciated when there is two feet of snow on the ground.

- If you're into it - ski/snowboard/hockey season.

- The winter Olympics

- Walking through falling snow at night + quiet downtown street + two weeks til Christmas = Awesome.

- Christmas dinner.

- Christmas chocolate.

- Christmas craft sales.

- New Years is a way better excuse for a party than May 2-4.

- You don't have to rush home with frozen groceries

- If your freezer gets too full, just leave stuff in the porch or garage.

- Not needing to shave your legs all the freakin time.

- No one is going to notice your 'winter gut' under that fantastic new sweater you just bought with a Christmas gift card.

- No smog warnings, extreme skin cancer risks or asthma.

- The town dump doesn't smell so.. dumpy

- No bugs


  1. I second the no shaving of the legs...the only thing I like about winter hehehehe!

  2. yeah. def the no shaving legs thing. Except we've had Laura enrolled in swimming lessons all winter... what was I thinking?

    Something about Christmas shopping in the cold and slush is just so heart-warming (to me at least).

    Also, the no bugs is AWESOME
    as are many other things you listed.
    Good job. :)