Monday, January 21, 2013

Recipe for a Winter Picnic

Recipe For a Winter Picnic

Supplies Needed:
One exited pre-schooler
One large floor space
One large blanket or table cloth
One picnic bag or basket
A variety of food

Begin by attempting to decipher what pre-schooler would like to pack for picnic. Make executive decision that spaghetti might not be the best choice. Settle for leftover mashed potatoes with beans, tuna salad sandwiches and fried egg sandwich (for those of us with no egg allergy).
Begin preparing food.
Direct pre-schooler to find ingredients in fridge and pantry.
Retrieve ingredients yourself after pre-schooler chooses to spend time dividing cherry tomatoes between 4 containers.
Instruct pre-schooler to find a container for the sandwiches.
Retrieve containers yourself while pre-schooler searches fridge for garlic stuffed olives. Give fork to pre-schooler to extract olives from bottom of jar.
Ask pre-schooler if the remains of tuna salad should be put in fridge or packed. Verdict: packed. Ask for container. Settle on dividing it between 2 containers instead of 4.
Allow pre-schooler to pack cans of beans and a can opener, even though they weigh a ton and you know you won't eat them.
Ask pre-schooler what beverage should be brought. Accept the lemon they hand you and the request for homemade lemonade.
Juice lemon while pre-schooler packs bags of almonds and boxes of raisins.
Stop juicing lemon and allow pre-schooler to stir after discovery that you were allegedly supposed to let pre-schooler juice the lemon.
Re-pack bag after pre-schooler dropped it on floor trying to carry it over to you.
Remember that you haven't found picnic blanket yet.
Hunt for picnic blanket in giant trunk full of blankets and sheets.
Lay blanket in pre-tidied play room.
Venture back to kitchen to get picnic bag, camera and cellphone (all important things for a picnic).
Spend over an hour eating all the food you packed (silly you, thought it was too much).
Photo document event.

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  1. So cute! What a great idea for a cold wintry day!