Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Day in the Life


-Baths (though didn't think to photo document that early in the morning)

-Fulfull request to make play dough, even though we made some yesterday and we haven't had breakfast.

-Finally, Toby's breakfast

 -Tv snack an hour later

 -Serious construction business 

-Leftover soup for lunch

-Venturing into the frigid blindingness of the day

-Grumpy cat 1

 -Grumpy cat 2

-Shoveling the path with the smallest shovel in the entrance way....

-Icicle snack

 - Shoveling off the deck

 - Snow swinging

 -Grumpy cat 3

 - Mood stomp back to the house after mom dared to suggest that the flying saucer path was getting too slippery to be starting from the very tip top of the hill since mom just crashed into the fence and really hurt her elbow. 

-Releasing grump on play dough pile (though NOT the batch that mom was requested to make a few hours before) while mom does dishes.

 -Making chocolate pudding

-Popcorn snack and TV break...

 -To watch Best Recipes Ever..

-And Stefano Faita

-Making an Olympic sport out of slide bumping down the stairs

 -Dinner, with a side of traffic jam.

-Pasta crab salad!

-Reading with Grampa.....and mom slips away to hide....

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  1. Love Stefano! Also, Shannon and I were discussing the new girl on Best Recipes... she looks and sounds so similar and has the same mannerisms. it took me a minute to be like "wait... what is going... different... girl?"