Thursday, February 13, 2014

Homeschool: Olympic week.

I think I"m going to try to post once a month about homeschooling just to make myself feel like we're accomplishing things.

After not doing much of anything for a while, THE OLYMPICS CAME.

Our family has always watched the Olympics. Always. We're not huge sports fans, but something about the Olympics is exciting.

Leading up to the opening ceremonies we talked about the Games, and Russia, and Canada.

We've also realized that Toby's obsession love of mazes translates well into map reading. After looking at the globe for a while, we pulled out some local maps and Toby and Grampa developed a game of "If you're here and want to go there, what's the best way?" Also a built in scavenger hunt to find all the churches/boat launches/schools/walking trails/parks listed in the legend.

We read a few book about Russia...

...and Toby thought the 'onion roof' label for the architecture style was hilarious, so we decided to make a Russian building

We used masking tape instead of paper mache because mess. And this was faster.
Lots of painting to be done
Pretty good!! The only thing I did was the white lines, because certain other little people insisted that I put my touch on it.

We watched the entirety of the Opening Ceremonies, which I wasn't expecting Toby to sit thought, but he did!
Grama and Toby made Olympic cookies

We're recording Canadian medal standings

We went skating (Toby for the first time) to get an idea of how much work it takes to work up to the jumps that the figure skaters do.
Needless to say, Toby opted for the sleigh ride after about a minute.

Things I've leaned this month:
There's a two hour window of opportunity to actually do book-work between dinner and bed. The rest of the day, don't even try to convince him.
Toby is quite possibly going to go to the Olympics for long jump. He's jumping about a meter or more from standing at age 5. In the summer I'm going to start actually measuring and not just counting squares on my rug.
Toby can do mazes in seconds.
Winter is lasting a long...long time...

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