Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Don't Care' Day

It started when the power went out in the middle of the night.
I have no idea why, or really when it went out, or for how long, because we were sleeping, But At some point I woke up to Toby kicking my back asking to nurse and the clock blinking 1:35 - Indicating the power had been back on for a little over an hour and a half.
It was still dark out, so maybe 3 or 4 in the morning, based on when Toby usually wakes up.
I grumpily rolled over and Toby nursed a bit and I thought he went back to sleep so I rolled back to my comfort zone, however after a sneeze ans excessive nose rubbing Toby was sitting up in bed asking me to please roll over because he would like to nurse again please.
I've been trying to get him to stop nursing at night.
I've been trying for a year... or at least complaining about it for a year...and he's been doing pretty good, but seems to be going through a phase where he wakes up every two hours again and has a full blown panic attack when I tell him no.
I grumpily rolled over again to nurse, habitually looking over at the clock to see what bloody time it was, only to find it blinking still. 2: 25.
It was slowly getting brighter in the room, so it was probably closer to 5am, and it was then I made a decision for the day.
I don't care.
Sure whatever Toby, nurse, I don't care, whatever, go to sleep. He nursed for a bit and sort of fell asleep but not really and I finally rolled over with my back to him again. He grumbled and butted his head into my back.
"Go back to sleep Toby it's too early in the morning"
"Want to nurse..."
"I don't care, you have been for ages"

Wonder of wonders he went back to sleep.

I woke up again much later with the clock blinking 5:45. Toby was still asleep. I briefly wondered what time it actually was, with the sun clearly blazing away outside.
But today: I don't care. I closed my eyes again.
I finally got up to discover it was about 9:10. Awesome. I ate breakfast alone in the porch. I cleaned up the kitchen. Toby woke up close to 10.

Upon waking he immediately remembered the supermegafoxyawesome thing I bought him yesterday...

Found it second-hand in Once Upon A Child. I never usually cave to big stuff but I'd actually seen something like this before and it's pretty cool.
So, no breakfast, Toby just grabs his hard hat and flip flops and out to the garage.
I don't care.
Sat in a lawn chair for over an hour while he played. Usually I think of all the things I should be doing and try to bring something outside with me to do, or try to persuade Toby to go back in, but today: I don't care.
I finally brought out some apple slices to eat and Toby ate most of those. I thought briefly that he hadn't washed his hands... but then... I don't care.

After another hour of hammering and sawing I suggested we go play in the sand box. With the hose. He liked that idea.

He got water sprayed all over himself and mud up to his knees. Today: I don't care.
I ended up sitting beside him and trying to make sand castles before he hosed them over in an over-zealous attempt to make a moat.
"No, mummy. This is where the pond goes"
Sure thing Toby... I don't care.

Then somehow the subject came up to make Snail and Franklin out of sand.
So I did.

Sand between our toes and in our hair

I don't care.

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