Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 posts and Thunderstorms

What to do on a thunderstormy day?
So far we've cuddled in the porch while it thundered, went for a wet hike in the bush between thunder showers, ate muffins, found a box of fridge magnets and Toby discovered they stick to his metal dump truck and front end loader, and now watching a new Franklin video I found at Value Village. Might have to think up a craft for later.... it's not even lunch time yet and I feel like I've been awake all day..

In other news, THIS IS MY 30TH POST!
And last night when I posted I was at 1,699 page views, and this morning when I came on I was at 1,721.....ARE THERE REALLY 22 PEOPLE OUT THERE READING MY BLOG?? Or did 3 of you log on multiple times??? Or is the page view counter just making things up??.........

Either way, THANKS to everyone for staying tuned to my online venting bubble!!

Edit: I just loaded the new blogger interface and there's a feature that shows individual blog views. Some of my blogs have had up to 56 and 72 views!!!!!!!! WHYY!!?!?!?!! Do I even know 72 people???!?! YOU GUYS ROCK!

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