Monday, January 17, 2011

Entering the bloggosphere...

...Well, to be fair, I do have another blog but it is work related and acting as my website. So this blog is going to be my personal venting bubble. My public personal venting bubble, as the case may be.

One Plus One is about one parent and one kid.
It is certainly crappy at times... a lot of the time... but also we're learning to see the awesometasticness of it all.

I will probably brag a lot about how genius my son is (but what parent doesn't). I will probably complain a lot about the ongoing temper tantrums (terrible twos anyone?)... although I had more problems with him at 15 months than I do at 2 years. I will probably post some recipes of the yummy stuff that we make. I will probably forget to post here for long periods of time, followed by several days of posting.

Intrigued? Somewhat?

Stay Tuned!... I have stories to tell, but not at this hour....
Time for apple crisp and bed.

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