Monday, January 24, 2011

Positive Party

I'm having a Positive Party on my blog because I feel in need of one.
Maybe I should make Positive Parties a regular thing??

Reasons Why Being A Single Mom is Awesome

- You make all the rules.
- You decide which of those rules are bendable or breakable.
- Guilt-free dining out: Spur of the moment mother/son lunch dates don't make me feel guilty that I'm not including someone else
- Guilt-free shopping: I am a responsible spender, but when i do splurge I don't have to justify the shirt or the magazine I just bought to anyone.
- You get all the hugs.
- You decide what food to buy and eat.
- Flexible meal times: When no one is really on a schedule you eat whenever it works without worrying about 'starving' a third person.
- Flexible meals: When I have time for lasagna or sushi, then we have that. When I have time for a pot of pasta, we have that. When I only have time for veggies and dip, we have that. When I only have time for two bowls of cereal at 9 pm, we have that.
- Impromptu outings: Why YES I'd love to go out for lunch... let me just throw Toby in the car. Why YES, Toby, it is a good day to go to the park, let me grab my keys. Why YES I want to go to Stratford for the weekend and NO I don't have to work around anyone else's schedule.
- You get final say in all toys and presents received by child: I don't have to make exceptions for annoying toys or fight about them because someone else insists they are
- 'Nights off' consist of long baths, Harry Potter movies with sister, or dinner dates with old friends.
- No relationship drama clouding parenting ability
- You decide which friends are worth your time and dont feel bad hanging out with them and their kids for extended periods of time instead of significant other.
-Guilt-free bed times: I dont feel bad staying up  late and watching TV or blogging about parenting instead of spending time with significant other


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