Sunday, January 30, 2011

Positive Party #2

Ok all you mothers of toddlers and toddlers-to-be, throw the 'terrible twos' stereotype out the window and grab a party hat cause it's time for another Positive Party!

Reasons Why Two Year Olds Are Awesome

- They are old enough to understand "just hold on two seconds", but not old enough to go "ONE......TWO.....YOU'RE NOT HERE YET MOM"

- They develop long-term memory so anything major you do in this year might stick with them for life

- You hear them reciting poems or songs to their toys that you didn't think they knew all the words to until now.

- Imagination kicks in and they can make up stories with their toys without your help.

- They're not just repeating words anymore, they make their own adorable grammar-less sentences.

- Big words are funny. Doesn't mater what the word is, if it has a lot of syllables it's hilarious.

- They are 'big kids' but not so big that they can't still be contained in a sling or stroller.

- Kisses are cool

- Hugs come voluntarily

- There are no more dietary cautions (ie No cinnamon or mint until over 12 months, no peanuts or dairy until over 24 months)

- All the cool toys are for ages 2+

- You can begin to carry on a conversation without using a high pitched sing-song voice

- They take a keen interest in learning and begin to have the communication skills to regurgitate the information they take in.

- You don't have to pack a giant diaper bag everywhere you go.

- They are big enough to play on a play ground unassisted, but not big enough to climb to the top of the monkey bars and stand on top and give you a heart attack.

- They remember people's faces and names and get excited when you go somewhere they know.

- Chores and helping are still fun at this age. (Setting table, sweeping floor, making dinner, picking up toys, washing dishes)

- You finally feel like you're hanging out with someone and not just lugging a baby everywhere.

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